Malmö women's shelter

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about us

Malmö Kvinnojour is a non-partisan and non-religious non-profit association. Our purpose is to support abused women * and children, work for women's and children's right to a life free from violence and to shed light on and spread knowledge about violence and oppression in close relationships. Malmö Kvinnojour is one of Sweden's oldest women's shelters and has since its formation in 1980 offered support to women exposed to violence.

Today we offer sheltered housing for those who can no longer live in their home, a helpline for those who need support and advice here and now and a call reception for those who need conversation support with a counselor during, during or after a violent relationship.

All women, regardless of whether they have been exposed to violence in heterosexual or same-sex relationships, are welcome to Malmö Women's Shelter. Calls, support and advice from us are free of charge. We have a duty of confidentiality and allow every woman to be anonymous and for no registers, with the exception of accommodation.

At Malmö Kvinnojour, employees and non-profits work. We are financed for the most part by grants from the City of Malmö and the National Board of Health and Welfare, but funds are also obtained through individual donations and from foundations and funds. It is also possible to become a support member with us and support our work for an equal society free from violence.

Malmö Kvinnojour also contributes to knowledge transfer and dissemination of information about men's violence against women. Through outreach activities, events, lectures and education, we spread information, raise public opinion and put men's violence against women on the agenda.

* The term woman includes all individuals who identify themselves as women, regardless of legal, social and / or biological gender.