Sheltered housing is more than just a roof over your head. With the right support, time in sheltered housing can be a woman's key to a future free from violence. That is why we at Malmö Kvinnojour attach the greatest importance to providing all women and children with professional, personal and continuous support. All efforts are carried out by our own staff, who have extensive experience of working with victims of violence.

Secure apartments in security class 2

All Malmö Kvinnojours apartments are equipped with shell protection in the form of a security door and alarms with direct connection to the police and security companies. If necessary, there are also GPS alarms to borrow. Our sheltered housing is available in ordinary apartments that either a woman or family lives in alone, or that are shared with other residents. Staff are always available during office hours and can be reached via an emergency number during evenings and weekends.

Pick up at sheltered accommodation

For the safety of women and children, we offer pick-up when placed in sheltered housing. The collection is carried out by our experienced staff and is a safe alternative for families, where our support is always close at hand and safety comes first. In connection with collection, enrollment interviews are also conducted on site at your place.

The women and children who live at Malmö Kvinnojour get:

  • A personal curator contact
  • Regular support calls
  • Good chances for your own home - we work with several landlords and support with housing applicants
  • Support with planning for the future - an implementation plan is drawn up for all women
  • A safe home in security class 2
  • Accompaniment and support in contacts with authorities, healthcare, lawyers, police and the like
  • Free workout at the gym
  • Free massage treatments
  • Activities, excursions and social community according to need and interest
  • Five free aftercare calls


Send placement request

If you want to place with us, you can either call, tel 040-30 11 13, or fill in the form below. We are available from 8.30-16.30 every weekend weekdays.

Please note that we only accept placement requests from the social services.

The violence ends here

The majority of women who live with us do not return to their perpetrators. A result of the personal support we give every woman. Our counselors all have a high level of competence in violence in close relationships and long experience of working in the social services.

We use standardized assessment methods such as FREDA and Patriark and also have training in, among other things, MI, solution-focused conversation methodology and Response Based Practice.

Can I take the dog with me?

65% of all victims of violence also have pets. The pet is often a reason why you do not leave or choose to return to your perpetrator. That is why pets are warmly welcomed to our sheltered accommodation. Dogs, cats, guinea pigs, rabbits and all other animals that can live in the apartment are welcome to stay with us.

Place for the kids

Children who have experienced domestic violence are harmed by it. Therefore, we invest especially in giving the children in sheltered housing security, the opportunity to process their experiences and the best possible conditions to be a child.

At Malmö Kvinnojour there is a child counselor with many years of experience in supporting children with trauma. All children are offered regular support calls according to Malmö Kvinnojour's child talk model, which has given good results. The conversation support does not only help the child here and there. We also know that it reduces the risks that the child himself ends up in violent relationships as an adult.

The children who live with us get:

  • Regular support conversations with a personal counselor contact (never the same counselor as the mother)
  • A safe living with plenty of space for play and socializing
  • Activities, excursions and social fellowship - we never miss a birthday or a holiday!
  • Good opportunities to quickly get into preschool or school, thanks to a good collaboration between Malmö Kvinnojour and the school administration



Violence against pets is a common aspect of violence in a close relationship. Not wanting to leave your pet is one of many factors that can make it difficult to leave a perpetrator.


At Malmö Kvinnojour, you who are or have been exposed to violence in a close relationship have the opportunity for free calls. We offer support, advice and crisis management.


We have a helpline where you can get support and advice. This is also where you turn if you want to book an appointment with our curators.


For those of you who do not want or can not call, there is the opportunity to chat with us. In the chat you can be completely anonymous and there is nothing that is too small or too big. In the chat you can also ask questions.


The children's activity Malmö Kvinnojour works actively to help the children who accompany their mother into the shelter's accommodation.


To support Malmö Women's Shelter's activities, you can become a support member for SEK 150 for one year. We like our support members a lot.

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