Lectures & study visits

We support and provide advice to women who are or have been subjected to violence in close relationships. Violence can take many forms (read more under the Violence tab). Both the different faces of violence and the woman's own experiences are individual and multifaceted, which is why the importance of individual treatment is crucial for the healing process and the path to a life free from violence.

Malmö Kvinnojour also offers support and advice to relatives, acquaintances, colleagues, employers and authorities.


Malmö Kvinnojour offers lectures for schools and workplaces, among other places. Our lectures are adapted to the target group and highlight what violence in a close relationship is, what it can look like, what consequences it has on the individual and his or her environment. We can also highlight what happens in a possible subsequent legal process and what tools are needed to leave a violent relationship and how one can help a victim to a life free from violence.

Feel free to say if you have any special wishes about what you want to learn more about in the lecture. We can of course also adapt the length of the lecture to your wishes.

For more information and a quote, emailinfo@malmokvinnojour.se.

Study visit

For smaller groups, it is also possible to make study visits to Malmö Women's Shelter. Then you will see what our premises look like, where we work and who we are. The study visits are adapted to the target group and also include information about our activities.

During the current pandemic, we do not currently accept study visits, but we are open to digital solutions if desired.

For more information, emailinfo@malmokvinnojour.se.




For some companies, the heart of the women's shelter beats a little extra. With a great commitment, they have given our business great support and we are very happy to have them as best friends.


Malmö Women's Shelter is a non-profit organization that is dependent on financial support and committed, non-profit forces.


To support Malmö Women's Shelter's activities, you can become a support member for SEK 150 for one year. We like our support members a lot.