Most relationships start with love ...

The first
the signs

Most relationships start with love, so do those relationships where there is violence. Most women we meet tell of great love and passion in the initial stages of the relationship.

Violence in close relationships can manifest itself in various forms, such as physical, sexualized, material, financial and not least mental. The first signs are usually expressed in mental abuse.

See the warning signs about your partner:

  • Is anxious to quickly establish a solid relationship

  • Is jealous and controlling towards you

  • Isolates you from your friends and family

  • Blame others for their own problems and mistakes

  • Screams and calls you derogatory words

  • Has sudden mood swings

  • Has exposed others to violence in a previous relationship or has himself been exposed in his childhood

  • Threatens with violence

  • Threatens to disclose personal or negative information about you to others, such as your family, colleagues or friends

  • Uses "playful" coercion when you have sex

  • Make others responsible for their feelings, with explanations such as "had you not said as you did, this would never have happened"

  • Has an outdated view of gender roles and a negative view of women in general