Assistance talks

For those municipalities that cannot themselves offer support calls, we have an assistance package that the social services can offer the woman who is in / has been in a relationship where there is violence.

It means a trauma to be exposed to violence and those who have been exposed need help to process their experiences in order to move on. We offer support, advice and crisis management. The support interviews are held by counselors with long experience of meeting women who experience or have experienced violence in a close relationship. Our task is to listen and provide professional support, so that the woman can process her experiences, change her current situation and move on.

In the assistance package we offer:

  • Ten conversations with one of our counselors who meet and give supportive / motivational conversations to abused women
  • If time permits, we also provide support and practical help in contact with authorities that concern the individual

Assistance calls can also be offered as aftercare when a placement in our sheltered housing ends.

We have a long and very good collaboration with the municipalities that have so far chosen to offer assistance packages to the women who are in need of this.



Violence against pets is a common aspect of violence in a close relationship. Not wanting to leave your pet is one of many factors that can make it difficult to leave a perpetrator.


At Malmö Kvinnojour, you who are or have been exposed to violence in a close relationship have the opportunity for free calls. We offer support, advice and crisis management.


Malmö Kvinnojour offers sheltered housing for women and accompanying children who experience violence and threats of violence in their own homes.


For those of you who do not want or can not call, there is the opportunity to chat with us. In the chat you can be completely anonymous and there is nothing that is too small or too big. In the chat you can also ask questions.


The children's activity Malmö Kvinnojour works actively to help the children who accompany their mother into the shelter's accommodation.


To support Malmö Women's Shelter's activities, you can become a support member for SEK 150 for one year. We like our support members a lot.

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