What happens after contact?

The right to feel safe!

By calling us when you are in need of support and advice, you get the help you can feel safe with. Everything we talk about stays between us, you can be anonymous and we have a duty of confidentiality. Together we create trust. We do not contact anyone else regarding your case. The guide will be the first contact with us, we listen and believe in you. Sometimes it can be difficult to decide for yourself what can be violence in a close relationship. For example, psychological violence is not visible to the outside world and even being financially controlled is violence.

Taking the first step is not always so easy but it does make sense to give it a try. In the helpline, you can get answers to what you are hesitant about and we create an individually tailored support call where you get the opportunity to see things in a different way, what today can be normalized. We listen and believe in you!

Furthermore, it is possible to have free calls with a counselor who offers support and advice by phone or a personal visit if desired and it is possible to book. If you can not come or answer the phone, it is something we understand and then you are welcome to contact us again.

Sometimes there may be a need for sheltered housing. When you live with us, you get a personal curator contact for crisis processing and other practical help. Our housing coordinator is helpful in the accommodation, with other practical things and also if necessary to take care of any accompanying children. Of course, the children also have a child counselor with whom they can talk. If you have a pet in the home that you do not want to leave, it is a good idea to bring the pet to our sheltered accommodation. We know that it can be crucial if you want to leave the relationship, which is why animals are always welcome at Malmö Women's Shelter.



Violence against pets is a common aspect of violence in a close relationship. Not wanting to leave your pet is one of many factors that can make it difficult to leave a perpetrator.


At Malmö Kvinnojour, you who are or have been exposed to violence in a close relationship have the opportunity for free calls. We offer support, advice and crisis management.


Malmö Kvinnojour offers sheltered housing for women and accompanying children who experience violence and threats of violence in their own homes.


For those of you who do not want or can not call, there is the opportunity to chat with us. In the chat you can be completely anonymous and there is nothing that is too small or too big. In the chat you can also ask questions.


The children's activity Malmö Kvinnojour works actively to help the children who accompany their mother into the shelter's accommodation.


To support Malmö Women's Shelter's activities, you can become a support member for SEK 150 for one year. We like our support members a lot.

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