Pets in our sheltered accommodation

In our sheltered accommodation, pets are also welcome. Placed women and children can bring their pets such as dogs, cats and caged pets. We also have pet-free apartments, which means that even allergy sufferers can live at Malmö Kvinnojour.

Violence against pets is a common aspect of violence in a close relationship. Not wanting to leave your pet is one of many factors that can make it difficult to leave a perpetrator. With us at Malmö Kvinnojour, there is no obstacle.

Science, studies and experience show that animals are often attacked and injured in households where there is violence. The animal can sometimes be the one who gets hurt first and in an increasingly long course of events, the animal can be used as a means of pressure for the victim to follow the perpetrator's directive. The animal is then used as a tool where the perpetrator threatens and / or harms the animal to get his will through and exercise his power in the relationship.

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We have a helpline where you can get support and advice. This is also where you turn if you want to book an appointment with our curators.


At Malmö Kvinnojour, you who are or have been exposed to violence in a close relationship have the opportunity for free calls. We offer support, advice and crisis management.


Malmö Kvinnojour offers sheltered housing for women and accompanying children who experience violence and threats of violence in their own homes.


Do you need someone to listen to? With us you can talk about whatever you want. Nothing is too small or too big and you can be completely anonymous.


The children's activity Malmö Kvinnojour works actively to help the children who accompany their mother into the shelter's accommodation.


To support Malmö Women's Shelter's activities, you can become a support member for SEK 150 for one year. We like our support members a lot.

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